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Kiera Cameron is a police officer in 2077 swept along when a gang of condemned terrorists escapes their sentences by traveling back in time to 2012.



Summary (2012)

Facing certain execution, a group of convicted terrorists escapes the present (2077) and flees 65 years into the past in this sci-fi drama series.

  • 1A Stitch In Time

    Season 1 : Episode 1 43 minutes

    A Stitch In Time

    Officer Kiera Cameron and terrorist group Liber8 are transported back in time. Kiera quickly finds herself on a new mission, with a new identity.

  • 2Fast Times

    Season 1 : Episode 2 44 minutes

    Fast Times

    When Kiera discovers Liber8's plan to return to 2077, she must decide whether or not to align herself with her sworn enemies.

  • 3Wasting Time

    Season 1 : Episode 3 44 minutes

    Wasting Time

    Kiera and Carlos investigate a series of mysterious murders in which victims have suffered a strange injury. Kellog delivers Kiera a gift.

  • 4Matter Of Time

    Season 1 : Episode 4 44 minutes

    Matter Of Time

    A scientist working on a source of clean energy is found murdered. Kiera must decide between justice in the present or the preservation of her future.

  • 5A Waste Of Time

    Season 1 : Episode 5 44 minutes

    A Waste Of Time

    Liber8 becomes aware of a vulnerability: the possibility that if their ancestors, living in this time, are murdered, they might cease to exist.

  • 6Time's Up

    Season 1 : Episode 6 43 minutes

    Time's Up

    When the CEO of a major corporation is kidnapped by Liber8, Kiera and Carlos have to beat the ticking clock in order to save her.

  • 7The Politics Of Time

    Season 1 : Episode 7 43 minutes

    The Politics Of Time

    Kiera struggles with trust and loyalty as evidence points to Carlos in the death of an investigative reporter.

  • 8Game Time

    Season 1 : Episode 8 43 minutes

    Game Time

    When two murder-suicides happen in the same day, Kiera and Carlos investigate the only tie between the two: a video game company.

  • 9Family Time

    Season 1 : Episode 9 43 minutes

    Family Time

    Alerted to a bulk purchase of fertilizer they believe may be used to build a bomb, Kiera and Carlos visit Roland's farm.

  • 10End Times

    Season 1 : Episode 10 43 minutes

    End Times

    Kiera fights a ticking clock to stop a terrorist attack. Alec and Julian's place in history seems destined to be defined by a horrific event.



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