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A production assistant teams up with a journalist to investigate her show's obsessive fans -- and their possible involvement in copycat crimes.



  • 1Pilot

    Cult 42 minutes


    When investigative reporter Jeff Sefton's brother disappears, Jeff uncovers the dark underworld of the television show "Cult" and its rabid fans.

  • 2In the Blood

    Cult 40 minutes

    In the Blood

    Jeff enlists tech-savvy E.J. to help in his search. Skye reveals to Jeff that she took the job on "Cult" to learn more about its executive producer.

  • 3Being Billy

    Cult 41 minutes

    Being Billy

    Jeff finds a visitor in Nate's apartment who tells him about a dangerous game Nate's been hosting, which involves role-playing scenes from "Cult."

  • 4Get with the Program

    Cult 41 minutes

    Get with the Program

    Jeff and Skye are introduced to a man who deprograms cult members, while E.J. makes a discovery that could bring them one stop closer to finding Nate.

  • 5The Kiss

    Cult 41 minutes

    The Kiss

    Jeff and Skye attend a "Cult" costume party, where Skye is drugged with a hallucinogen and Roger meets a mysterious stranger named Stuart.

  • 6The Good Fight

    Cult 41 minutes

    The Good Fight

    Skye suffers a serious reaction to the drug she was slipped the night before, and Jeff must find a sample in order to save her life.

  • 7Suffer the Children

    Cult 41 minutes

    Suffer the Children

    When Jeff and Skye investigate Detective Sakelik's suspicious past as an abandoned child, they barely escape with their lives.

  • 8The Devil You Know

    Cult 41 minutes

    The Devil You Know

    Jeff and Skye try to find evidence against Sakelik to use as leverage to gain information on Nate. Stuart invites Roger for a weekend at his estate.

  • 9Off to See the Wizard

    Cult 41 minutes

    Off to See the Wizard

    Skye plans to infiltrate a meeting of the True Believers with Jeff following close behind. But Jeff unknowingly follows a decoy vehicle...

  • 10The Prophecy of St. Clare

    Cult 42 minutes

    The Prophecy of St. Clare

    Jeff and Skye continue their search for Nate, while the actress who plays Meadow is spooked by a pair of figures from her childhood.

  • 11Flip the Script

    Cult 41 minutes

    Flip the Script

    Jeff and Skye break into Stuart's offices on the studio lot and discover a surveillance room with hidden camera feeds.

  • 121987

    Cult 42 minutes


    Jeff and Skye remain in hiding from the True Believers while Nate tries to get a message to Jeff. Billy captures the killer of Kelly's parents.

  • 13Executive Producer Steven Rae

    Cult 42 minutes

    Executive Producer Steven Rae

    Jeff makes Stuart an offer to exchange Nate for answers, but Nate convinces Jeff that they need to see this mystery through to its conclusion.



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