White Collar

White Collar

2009-2012TV-PG4 Seasons

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To avoid jail, an ultra-suave con man signs on to help an FBI agent catch other white-collar thieves but he conceals an ulterior motive.



Summary (2009)

Eager to avoid jail time, con artist Neal Caffrey offers up his extensive criminal know-how to the Feds to help take down the cleverest of crooks.

  • 1Pilot

    Season 1 : Episode 1 60 minutes


    When the trail of an elusive criminal stops cold, FBI agent Peter Burke teams up with an unlikely partner to catch him: the imprisoned Neal Caffrey.

  • 2Threads

    Season 1 : Episode 2 42 minutes


    It's Fashion Week, and everyone in New York is abuzz with excitement -- everyone but Peter Burke.

  • 3Book of Hours

    Season 1 : Episode 3 42 minutes

    Book of Hours

    The disappearance of a precious bible creates an interesting union when a Mafia boss enlists the help of Peter and the FBI in finding the artifact.

  • 4Flip of the Coin

    Season 1 : Episode 4 42 minutes

    Flip of the Coin

    A cache of gold sends Peter and Neal on a search to track down smuggled Iraqi artifacts.

  • 5The Portrait

    Season 1 : Episode 5 42 minutes

    The Portrait

    When an expensive portrait is stolen from a young woman, Peter and Neal set a sting for the cunning and deadly culprit.

  • 6All In

    Season 1 : Episode 6 42 minutes

    All In

    Thrust into the underbelly of New York's Chinatown, Peter and Neal must navigate vicious Triads and Interpol agents to capture their target.

  • 7Free Fall

    Season 1 : Episode 7 42 minutes

    Free Fall

    The FBI investigates a spectacular jewelry heist, and all the clues point to Neal. Now Peter must figure out the truth.

  • 8Hard Sell

    Season 1 : Episode 8 43 minutes

    Hard Sell

    Neal must infiltrate a company of corrupt Wall Street brokers. When Peter is forced to go undercover with him, their partnership may change forever.

  • 9Bad Judgement

    Season 1 : Episode 9 43 minutes

    Bad Judgement

    When Peter and Neal discover that an estate judge committingĀ mortgage fraud is also connected to Fowler, they devise a plan to bring them both down.

  • 10Vital Signs

    Season 1 : Episode 10 42 minutes

    Vital Signs

    When June's niece suffers renal trauma, Neal stumbles upon a cruel scheme to harvest human organs and brings the case to Peter.

  • 11Home Invasion

    Season 1 : Episode 11 42 minutes

    Home Invasion

    Peter and Neal find themselves on the trail of an elusive femme fatale who is stealing pieces of a valuable collection.

  • 12Bottlenecked

    Season 1 : Episode 12 42 minutes


    An old rival of Neal's lays down a challenge: to see if either of them can create the impossible forgery -- fabricating a unique bottle of wine.

  • 13Front Man

    Season 1 : Episode 13 42 minutes

    Front Man

    When the daughter of a man from his past goes missing, Neal volunteers to help find her.

  • 14Out of the Box

    Season 1 : Episode 14 42 minutes

    Out of the Box

    Neal teams up with Alex in order to retrieve the ever-elusive music box at an Italian consulate.



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