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Phoenix mother Allison uses her unusual psychic skills to help unearth evidence in unsolved crimes -- while struggling to juggle work and family.



Summary (2005)

A housewife with an extraordinary ability to see and hear dead people assists police departments in solving crimes across the country.

  • 1Pilot

    Season 1 : Episode 1 44 minutes


    Wife, mother and psychic Allison DuBois speaks with the dead and is convinced her gift can solve crimes, and gets her chance with the Texas Rangers.

  • 2Suspicions and Certainties

    Season 1 : Episode 2 40 minutes

    Suspicions and Certainties

    Phoenix District Attorney Manuel Devalos hires Allison to work for his office. She is asked to help in a jury selection to help convict a killer.

  • 3A Couple of Choices

    Season 1 : Episode 3 43 minutes

    A Couple of Choices

    Allison is partnered with Det. Lee Scanlon on a case involving the strange murders of newlywed couples. Joe plans a surprise party for Allison.

  • 4Night of the Wolf

    Season 1 : Episode 4 41 minutes

    Night of the Wolf

    A wolf chasing Allison as she's Little Red Riding Hood plagues her dreams. It starts making sense when a sketch artist gets an inaccurate description.

  • 5In Sickness and Adultry

    Season 1 : Episode 5 41 minutes

    In Sickness and Adultry

    When visiting another psychic, Allison is told there's a dark cloud over her marriage. This only snowballs downhill for Allison both at work and home.

  • 6Coming Soon

    Season 1 : Episode 6 41 minutes

    Coming Soon

    Allison believes a Good Samaritan raped and murdered a red-haired college student. Meanwhile, Allison may be pregnant and Ariel may be a math genius.

  • 7Jumpstart

    Season 1 : Episode 7 43 minutes


    Allison knows that a girl who jumped off a cliff didn't commit suicide. Meanwhile, she predicts her husband's co-worker will die from a heart attack.

  • 8Lucky

    Season 1 : Episode 8 43 minutes


    Allison's stepbrother returns from Iraq, where he earned the nickname Lucky. But Allison sees that he's haunted by a ghost, and might have the gift.

  • 9Coded

    Season 1 : Episode 9 41 minutes


    Nightmares of a cruel ogre haunt Ariel. While Joe worries about the dreams, Allison believes that Ariel can help a kidnapped girl by decoding them.

  • 10The Other Side of the Tracks

    Season 1 : Episode 10 43 minutes

    The Other Side of the Tracks

    Allison's recurring dream of two boys racing a train leads her to Prof. Leonard Cardwell, whose area of expertise is communication with the afterlife.

  • 11I Married a Mind Reader

    Season 1 : Episode 11 42 minutes

    I Married a Mind Reader

    Allison is sick. Her medicine gives her stranger than usual dreams and she has doubts about the identity of a real-life murderer.

  • 12A Priest, a Doctor and a Medium Walk into an Execution Chamber

    Season 1 : Episode 12 43 minutes

    A Priest, a Doctor and a Medium Walk into an Execution Chamber

    Allison views an execution of an inmate, but investigates when the inmate's girlfriend is killed and the inmate's ghost is at the crime scene.

  • 13Being Mrs. O'Leary's Cow

    Season 1 : Episode 13 43 minutes

    Being Mrs. O'Leary's Cow

    Allison dreams about a pilot saving a crashing plane. Later she learns the pilot is suspected of murder, but is confused about what her dream means.

  • 14In the Rough

    Season 1 : Episode 14 43 minutes

    In the Rough

    An old case is reopened. Allison is confused to learn the convict did not commit the crime, and her colleagues may have tampered with the evidence.

  • 15Penny for Your Thoughts

    Season 1 : Episode 15 43 minutes

    Penny for Your Thoughts

    Allison dreams about a teenage girl murdered by her doctor with a third person present at the scene, and meets a doctor convicted of a similar crime.

  • 16When Push Comes to Shove: Part 1

    Season 1 : Episode 16 43 minutes

    When Push Comes to Shove: Part 1

    Capt. Push helps Allison track down a serial killer who leaves a Bible quote at crime scenes, putting Allison's family and Push's health at risk.



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