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Frasier Crane is a snooty but lovable Seattle psychiatrist who dispenses advice on his call-in radio show while ignoring it in his own relationships.



Summary (1993)

"Cheers" shrink Frasier Crane moves to his hometown Seattle as a radio host, with his dad as his roommate and his uptight brother living nearby.

  • 1The Good Son (Pilot)

    Season 1 : Episode 1 23 minutes

    The Good Son (Pilot)

    Seeking a fresh start following his divorce, Boston psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane returns to his native Seattle to host a radio call-in show.

  • 2Space Quest

    Season 1 : Episode 2 22 minutes

    Space Quest

    Frasier is on a quest for solitude, but can't find it.

  • 3Dinner at Eight

    Season 1 : Episode 3 22 minutes

    Dinner at Eight

    Frasier and Niles decide to invite their father Martin out for an evening of fine dining at a swanky Seattle restaurant.

  • 4I Hate Frasier Crane

    Season 1 : Episode 4 22 minutes

    I Hate Frasier Crane

    Local newspaper writer Derek Mann prints "I Hate Frasier Crane" in his daily column, which enrages and embarrasses Frasier.

  • 5Here's Looking at You

    Season 1 : Episode 5 22 minutes

    Here's Looking at You

    Frasier encourages Martin to start a hobby and gives him a telescope. While tinkering, Martin catches the eye of a bachelorette in the next building.

  • 6The Crucible

    Season 1 : Episode 6 22 minutes

    The Crucible

    Frasier finds out renowned local artist Martha Paxton didn't paint a picture he has purchased.

  • 7Call Me Irresponsible

    Season 1 : Episode 7 22 minutes

    Call Me Irresponsible

    When a caller named Marco tells Frasier he's having problems committing to his girlfriend, Frasier advises him to break up with her.

  • 8Beloved Infidel

    Season 1 : Episode 8 22 minutes

    Beloved Infidel

    Due to a canceled lecture, Frasier and Niles change their plans, but wind up at the same restaurant where their father is dining with an old friend.

  • 9Selling Out

    Season 1 : Episode 9 22 minutes

    Selling Out

    Frasier is reluctant to do an on-air endorsement for a Chinese restaurant until he discovers how much money is involved.

  • 10Oops

    Season 1 : Episode 10 22 minutes


    The rumor mill around the radio station is working overtime with the news that Bulldog is about to be fired.

  • 11Death Becomes Him

    Season 1 : Episode 11 22 minutes

    Death Becomes Him

    Frasier is upset when his father skips out on a doctor's appointment.

  • 12Miracle on Third or Fourth Street

    Season 1 : Episode 12 22 minutes

    Miracle on Third or Fourth Street

    Frasier's Christmas spirit is dampened when he learns that his longawaited son Frederick won't be joining him for the holidays.

  • 13Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast?

    Season 1 : Episode 13 22 minutes

    Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast?

    Martin invites Elaine over to the condo for an intimate dinner, and the next morning, he is unnerved to discover that she has spent the night.

  • 14Can't Buy Me Love

    Season 1 : Episode 14 22 minutes

    Can't Buy Me Love

    As a favor to his father, Frasier agrees to take part in a celebrity bachelor auction.

  • 15You Can't Tell a Crook by His Cover

    Season 1 : Episode 15 22 minutes

    You Can't Tell a Crook by His Cover

    While visiting Frasier's radio station, Martin hears Roz talk about being scammed by a local con artist.

  • 16The Show Where Lilith Comes Back

    Season 1 : Episode 16 22 minutes

    The Show Where Lilith Comes Back

    Frasier is surprised to hear the voice of his ex-wife Lilith on his radio show. She tells him that she has come to town for a convention.

  • 17A Midwinter Night's Dream

    Season 1 : Episode 17 22 minutes

    A Midwinter Night's Dream

    Niles comes to Frasier, seeking advice about his ongoing problems with his wife, Maris.

  • 18And the Whimper Is...

    Season 1 : Episode 18 22 minutes

    And the Whimper Is...

    Frasier's agent Bebe informs him that he and Roz have been nominated for Seattle's annual broadcasting awards.

  • 19Give Him the Chair

    Season 1 : Episode 19 22 minutes

    Give Him the Chair

    Tired of their father's tacky plaid armchair, Frasier and Niles buy a new modern one and put Martin's chair in storage.

  • 20Fortysomething

    Season 1 : Episode 20 22 minutes


    Frasier fears senility is just around the corner when he finds himself becoming forgetful about everything from Roz's name to his favorite songs.

  • 21Travels with Martin

    Season 1 : Episode 21 22 minutes

    Travels with Martin

    Inspired by Roz to do some father-son bonding, Frasier invites his father on vacation.

  • 22Author, Author

    Season 1 : Episode 22 22 minutes

    Author, Author

    Niles is discouraged that his ideas for a psychiatric book have already been done.

  • 23Frasier Crane's Day Off

    Season 1 : Episode 23 22 minutes

    Frasier Crane's Day Off

    A bad bout with the flu lands Frasier in bed. Meanwhile, Roz becomes convinced that Gil is gunning for Frasier's premium time slot.

  • 24My Coffee with Niles

    Season 1 : Episode 24 22 minutes

    My Coffee with Niles

    Over coffee at Cafe Nervosa, Niles poses an interesting question: After a year in Seattle, is Frasier happy?



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