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Kristen Bell provides the voice of an anonymous blogger who narrates the action in this hit series set in an exclusive New York City boarding school.



Summary (2007)

When two once-close friends become rivals, their battle for power is publicized to their entire prep school thanks to Gossip Girl's dirt-dishing blog.

  • 1Pilot

    Season 1 : Episode 1 42 minutes


    The privileged prep school teens on Manhattan's Upper East Side learn that Serena van der Woodsen is back.

  • 2The Wild Brunch

    Season 1 : Episode 2 39 minutes

    The Wild Brunch

    In the wake of the scandalous Kiss on the Lips party, Serena receives an ice-cold reception from her best friend, Blair.

  • 3Poison Ivy

    Season 1 : Episode 3 41 minutes

    Poison Ivy

    Blair uncovers scandalous information about Serena that may not remain a secret much longer.

  • 4Bad News Blair

    Season 1 : Episode 4 42 minutes

    Bad News Blair

    Blair is thrilled when her mother chooses her to be the new face of her clothing line.

  • 5Dare Devil

    Season 1 : Episode 5 40 minutes

    Dare Devil

    Dan makes elaborate plans to impress Serena on their first official date.

  • 6The Handmaiden's Tale

    Season 1 : Episode 6 42 minutes

    The Handmaiden's Tale

    Dan is torn between two girls when his childhood friend Vanessa returns home and declares her feelings for him.

  • 7Victor, Victrola

    Season 1 : Episode 7 42 minutes

    Victor, Victrola

    Serena and Dan finally acknowledge that they are crazy about each other, despite their polar-opposite worlds.

  • 8Seventeen Candles

    Season 1 : Episode 8 40 minutes

    Seventeen Candles

    Blair puts on a happy face for her 17th birthday party and attempts to hide the truth from her friends.

  • 9Blair Waldorf Must Pie!

    Season 1 : Episode 9 41 minutes

    Blair Waldorf Must Pie!

    When Dan finds out that Serena and her family are celebrating Thanksgiving alone, he naively invites them to spend the holiday with his family.

  • 10Hi, Society

    Season 1 : Episode 10 43 minutes

    Hi, Society

    Serena has absolutely no intention of attending the upcoming Debutante Ball, until her grandmother, CeCe, announces that Serena must attend.

  • 11Roman Holiday

    Season 1 : Episode 11 42 minutes

    Roman Holiday

    When Blair's father comes home for the holidays with an unexpected guest -- his boyfriend -- Blair finds it difficult to hide her disappointment.

  • 12School Lies

    Season 1 : Episode 12 42 minutes

    School Lies

    The gang breaks into the school swimming pool for an impromptu night of fun.

  • 13A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate

    Season 1 : Episode 13 42 minutes

    A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate

    Gossip Girl takes pleasure in reporting that Serena van der Woodsen has been spotted buying a pregnancy test, and word spreads like wildfire.

  • 14The Blair Bitch Project

    Season 1 : Episode 14 40 minutes

    The Blair Bitch Project

    Blair returns to school after losing Queen Bee status; Serena's not fond of living with her future stepbrother, Chuck.

  • 15Desperately Seeking Serena

    Season 1 : Episode 15 41 minutes

    Desperately Seeking Serena

    Serena's world is turned upside down when her former partner in crime, Georgina Sparks, returns to Manhattan to stir up trouble.

  • 16All About My Brother

    Season 1 : Episode 16 42 minutes

    All About My Brother

    Blair and Jenny escalate their "popularity war" by spreading scandalous rumors about each other through Gossip Girl.

  • 17Woman on the Verge

    Season 1 : Episode 17 42 minutes

    Woman on the Verge

    Georgina reveals the true reason that Serena fled Manhattan for boarding school, and Serena quickly falls back into her old habits.

  • 18Much 'I Do' About Nothing

    Season 1 : Episode 18 42 minutes

    Much 'I Do' About Nothing

    With Serena's reputation on the line, Blair takes matters into her own hands to deal with manipulative Georgina.



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