Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

2006-2010TV-145 Seasons

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4.1 stars

This edgy police procedural follows members of the Special Victims Unit as they investigate sexual offenses such as rape, incest and pedophilia.



Summary (2006)

Psychology, grit and heart help Benson and Stabler bring heinous criminals to justice, but the impact of their personal lives takes its toll.

  • 1Informed

    Season 8 : Episode 1 42 minutes


    When a rape victim refuses help, Det. Benson takes matters into her own hands. Later, a former acquaintance turns up during the investigation.

  • 2Clock

    Season 8 : Episode 2 42 minutes


    The detectives investigate the disappearance of a girl with Turner's syndrome, a genetic disorder that contributed to her being bullied at school.

  • 3Recall

    Season 8 : Episode 3 42 minutes


    Stabler and Beck go after a possible serial rapist but have trouble making their case until a victim from 30 years earlier comes forward.

  • 4Uncle

    Season 8 : Episode 4 42 minutes


    A mentally ill homeless man is suspected of committing a brutal rape and murder, and as the case unfolds, so do Det. Munch's family secrets.

  • 5Confrontation

    Season 8 : Episode 5 42 minutes


    Detectives Stabler and Beck track down a rapist who repeatedly attacks his victims based on their ovulation cycles so that he can impregnate them.

  • 6Infiltrated

    Season 8 : Episode 6 42 minutes


    The environmental group that Det. Benson is infiltrating for the FBI is accused of murdering a pharmaceutical company CEO.

  • 7Underbelly

    Season 8 : Episode 7 41 minutes


    A 14-year-old girl who was viciously beaten, raped and killed bears the same tattoo as two other young female homicide victims.

  • 8Cage

    Season 8 : Episode 8 42 minutes


    The squad investigates a shady private adoption agency after two foster children are found abandoned near an automobile accident.

  • 9Choreographed

    Season 8 : Episode 9 41 minutes


    The poisoning death of a model may be connected to a love triangle involving her manipulative husband, his mistress and her jealous spouse.

  • 10Scherezade

    Season 8 : Episode 10 42 minutes


    A dying man's confession brings to light a secret about his estranged daughter's true identity. Meanwhile, the wrong man is in jail for murder.

  • 11Burned

    Season 8 : Episode 11 42 minutes


    Stabler doesn't believe the allegations of a woman who says her soon-to-be ex-husband raped her. But Benson sides with the wife.

  • 12Outsider

    Season 8 : Episode 12 42 minutes


    Fin reluctantly works with a Brooklyn detective who believes that his unsolved murder cases are connected to Fin's rape case.

  • 13Loophole

    Season 8 : Episode 13 42 minutes


    An investigation into an apparent child pornography case uncovers evidence that a chemical company is testing potentially toxic pesticides on people.

  • 14Dependent

    Season 8 : Episode 14 41 minutes


    A suspect in the killing of a mob attorney's wife dies during a violent apprehension by Stabler, who maintains that he did nothing illegal.

  • 15Haystack

    Season 8 : Episode 15 42 minutes


    When a television reporter accuses a woman of killing her missing baby, she commits suicide. It later turns out that the infant was kidnapped.

  • 16Philadelphia

    Season 8 : Episode 16 42 minutes


    Benson finds her biological brother in New Jersey, only to discover that he's under investigation for sexual crimes.

  • 17Sin

    Season 8 : Episode 17 42 minutes


    When a gay male prostitute is murdered, the investigation leads to an intolerant pastor who may have had a relationship with the victim.

  • 18Responsible

    Season 8 : Episode 18 42 minutes


    A mother is caught having a sexual relationship with her daughter's classmates, and may have supplied the alcohol for a party where a student died.

  • 19Florida

    Season 8 : Episode 19 42 minutes


    Benson hears from her half-brother, who's charged with sexual assault. Benson reluctantly agrees to help with the investigation.

  • 20Annihilated

    Season 8 : Episode 20 42 minutes


    The squad's investigation of a bride-to-be's murder uncovers her fiancé's double life. A shocking twist in the case rattles Det. Stabler.

  • 21Pretend

    Season 8 : Episode 21 41 minutes


    The detectives' investigation into a teenage boy's death during a wrestling match leads to the discovery of a woman posing as a high school student.

  • 22Screwed

    Season 8 : Episode 22 42 minutes


    Fin's nephew Darius is put on trial for rape and murder -- and he seems determined to take his uncle's unit down with him.



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